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Winter activities in EYFS

We are hoping for some snow showers as we learn about the season of Winter. However, for now we will have to make do with creating our own snowflakes and winter art in the style of Van Gogh’s starry night. Wednesday night’s temperatures finally dropped low enough for our water to freeze to create ice shapes which were exciting to find on Thursday morning!

Our reception children (and a very keen member of the nursery!) have turned into authors and illustrators this week. After watching a short clip from Raymond Brigg’s Snowman film, all the children have used their vivid imaginations to think where they could go if their snowman came alive. With the use of our phoneme and digraph sheets and encourage to say their words out loud to hear which sounds to write, they have worked really hard over a few days to complete their own story books. A few sample pages are shown above, we are very proud of their work! ☃️❄️