St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

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Phonics in EYFS

We teach a short focussed phonics input to the children every morning. The reception children are currently working at phase 2 and the nursery at phase 1.

This year we are following the Red Rose Phonics Scheme. Each day we introduce a new phoneme (sound) and practise hearing, saying and seeing the sound. We then follow the short Red Rose phrase to learn how to form the letter correctly. Some days are spent recapping on the sounds and we practise blending and segmenting these sounds to read and spell simple words. "Tricky" non-decodable sounds are also introduced, these are words which need to be memorised. Children are supported or challenged at their own level to ensure the sessions are meaningful for every child. 

The nursery children are learning to listen attentively to sounds in words through a wide range of fun and interactive games and activities. They have been on sound walks, played sound discrimination games using musical instruments, matched initial sounds to objects and joined in with rhyming activities.