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St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

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Let it snow!

What an exciting way to start the day, when you wake up to snow! With our outdoor classroom/ welly store filled with pairs of wellies, today was the ideal day to put it to good use. Once everyone had arrived in school, we got our warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves on and went up to find our wellies in the shed a group at a time. Then the fun really began- we looked at bare branches on the trees, berries growing for the birds to eat, ran, swirled, slid and ran down the slopes, made and threw snowballs, rolled a huge snow ball for a snow man’s body (complete with a glove somewhere inside it!), collected ice in wheelbarrows, caught snowflakes on our tongue, looked across to a wintery Pendleton hill and postponed any immediate plans for indoor learning. 
Once we began to get chilly, we changed back to our dry shoes and went inside for a snack of fruit and hot chocolate - a perfect Tuesday January morning!

It was then back outside after lunch, to complete our maths activities in the snow.