St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

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Ignatian Art competition winners

Over the past half term our children have been working on creating pieces of art for a Jesuit schools competition. They were given the challenge of producing a piece of work which relates to the life of St Ignatius, thinking of ways to show struggles, a time of reflection and a transformation with God present throughout- this seemed like a huge challenge for primary school children, but as always, our wonderful St Joseph’s children rose to the challenge. This led to an incredible challenge for staff when it came to judging the work! In choosing we looked not only at the art itself, but also the explanation of their work. Our prize winning art will be displayed in the hall in the new year and hopefully the prizes will be delivered in time for the end of term. A wonderful well done to all who entered. 
We were only able to submit one piece of work for each key stage to be sent away to be judged, as you can imagine these were very difficult to choose, but our overall winners are as follows:

Key stage 2- Maria J

Key stage 1- Oliver M

EYFS- Decla

We wish them luck in the national competition.