St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

To grow daily in God's love, blossoming in His will


The reception and nursery children brought their favourite book to school to share with their classmates. They also enjoyed activities related to the free World Book Day book, Rocket Rules, by Nathan Bryson and Dapo Adeola. In this book, Rocket encourages us all to make a positive difference to the world every day of our lives.

Rule 1 was to wake up, jump and dance. So, after arriving at school in an assortment of sporting outfits, we enjoyed an energetic sporty start to the day with Callum. That was a perfect way of waking us up ready to continue with a busy day of tasks. We talked about our favourite books, wrote about them, heard some stories from them and drew the front covers.
Rules 9 and 10 in the Rocket Rules book were to Grow up and to Never give up! These inspired us to think about what we want to do or to be when we grow up. Mrs Williams thinks she’d like to have her own hotel and Mrs Geldard thinks she’d like to have a cafe or cake shop in that hotel. We will then look forward to inviting all the budding footballers, teachers, scuba divers, police officers, vets, nurses, hair dressers, tennis players, teachers, rock stars, gymnasts and palaeontologists and hear about their successful lives! 
We will also do our best to be like the boy in Mrs Geldard’s favourite book, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, and that is to “be kind”!