St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

To grow daily in God's love, blossoming in His will

More learning opportunities in our EYFS class

Although we devote a great deal of importance to the teaching of reading, writing and number skills in our daily routines in the foundation stage, learning is far more than just that! 

At St Joseph's we pride ourselves in getting to know each and every child very well and allowing them the opportunities to explore their preferred styles of learning. The Physical and Personal and Social development of children are of prime importance and allow better learning in the future. In the first few weeks the children have continued a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities as they have built friendships and learned the routines. There has been lots of role-play and story sharing, construction and creativity in amongst healthy and tasty snack times and problem solving opportunities. We can see the confidence and independence of these wonderful children growing day by day and are excited to see what they can achieve as they continue on their learning journeys at St Joseph's RC school.