St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

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Spring Term

This spring we learnt all about Tudor life and the struggle for power during this period of history. We took a dive into our local history learning, as we researched the War of the Roses and how Lancashire and Yorkshire's rivalry shaped the monarchy and power in Britain today. 

After term term, we will be exploring what it means to be a steward of the earth, using the power that we have available to us to make a positive change in our world.

In history we used our enquiry skills to learn about the War of the Roses. We started with a family tree of the Plantagenets, which we scrutinised, asking questions about why people may have died or been married. From this we realised that power had played a huge part in in the persistent battle for the throne.

We mapped out the changes in monarchs through a timeline.

From this local history, we learnt how the Tudor household, and the Tudor rosed, came to be the reigning family of England. We borrowed artefacts from Lancashire County Council which we used to further explore what life was like for the Tudors, both rich and poor.