St Joseph's Roman CatholicPrimary School

To grow daily in God's love, blossoming in His will



Homework tasks are designed to take only 10 minutes. You child will receive a CGP booklet for each homework area - week by week they complete the 10 minute workouts and return them on the correct days. A homework timetable is available in the classroom, as well as at the top of this page, helping you and your child to remember which days to return their work.


On Mondays we have a weekly spelling test in addition to the homework task. The spellings will be from the homework task for that particular week, so in addition to the 10 minute workout, you may wish to do some additional spelling practise where necessary.


Each half term, there is also an optional topic project centred around the theme for that half term. Topic projects, if you choose to do one, are due before the last week of that half term so that the class can see what amazing work you have done at home. Your project can be anything you like, from a song, dance or drama, to a non-fiction text or presentation. In the past we have had computer models, clay and plasticine models, artwork, stories, PowerPoints and posters.


Pupils are also expected the read every night, changing their reading books every day/couple of days. Reading records are due in every day and will be monitored by staff to ensure reading is done and recorded each night. In Year 5 and 6, pupils should be reading every day, to improve their comprehension, vocabulary and in turn, their writing. Any unknown vocabulary found from reading at home can be shared in class. Add your new vocabulary to our class Wow Words display and earn some extra house points.



Useful links to help/support with homework