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Autumn Term


In our first half term, our topic was: The Vikings. In our English lessons, we explored Viking history through mythology, and wrote our very own fantasy-adventure stories set in a Viking land, inspired by our class text: Arthur and the Golden Rope. We also read our class reading book, 'Riddle of the Runes', immersing ourselves in a Viking mystery which helped us learn about Viking history along the way!

In history we mapped out the Viking voyages to Saxon Britain as they raided and invaded, learnt all about Viking home-life, settlements, researched the timeline of Viking settlement in Britain, and polished off our topic with a Viking day! Our Viking day involved a visit from a 'real' Viking (Erik Erikson), who showed us his artefacts. We lived the day as Vikings ourselves, dressing up in Viking clothing, and wielding the shield we made in class. To finish off the half term, we turned our classroom into a Viking museum, to showcase all of our learning and our home projects. Take a look and see how much fun we had in the gallery below.

Follow the link below to see all of our photos from our Viking day...

Alongside writing Viking sagas, we designed our own book covers as part of graphic design. Check out some of our book cover designs.

Our second autumn topic is 'Pole to Pole'. This wintry topic will transport us from the Arctic north pole to the Antarctic south pole. In English we are using 'The Ice Bear' by Jackie Morris as inspiration for some fiction writing, as well as to inspire some non-fiction texts about the Arctic itself. We have also used this book to inspire our artwork, using watercolour in the style of Jackie Morris, who illustrates her own stories. In science we will investigate evolution and adaption, paying close attention to how animals have adapted to their environments. In geography, we will explore environments, comparing polar climates to various other climates across the globe.

Our watercolour art inspired by Jackie Morris

To see more of our artwork, head to the gallery...